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MMD MP Masumba Goes to Court to Fight Expulsion

The embattled MMD parliamentarian for Mufumbwe in North Western Province Steven Masumba has challenged his expulsion in the Zambian High Court. Masumba, who is currently appearing before subordinate courts for allegedly forging his college diploma, is asking the Zambian High Court to also grant him an injunction against the decision by the MMD to expel him from the party. Masumba is one of the 10 MMD parliamentarians who have gone against the party’s resolution to serve in inferior ministerial positions under the leadership of President Michael Sata’s ruling Patriotic Front. The MMD has expelled Masumba on grounds of indiscipline after  …More

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PF Accuses Opposition of Provoking Street Vendors

The Patriotic Front government has accused opposition political parties of inciting street vendors to defy government orders to leave the streets. Lusaka Province minister Col Gerry Chanda claimed that the government was aware that some opposition political parties have been inciting street vendors to riot and denounce the PF government in an move to gain political mileage. Featuring on ZNBC television show, Col Chanda said the issue of street vending cut across all political divides, adding that it was unfortunate that other politicians thought that they could make political capital out of it by inciting vendors to rise against the  …More

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Lusaka Faces Blackout as ZESCO Generator Fails

ZESCO has warned of increased load-shedding hours following the shutdown of generator number one at Kafue Gorge Power Station creating a 165 Mega Watts power deficit. The power utility company said the generator has been shutdown to facilitate repairs of punctured guide bearing oil coolers. “This generator will be shut for 48 hours beginning Monday 30th July 2012 at 10.00 hours,” Zesco stated. Zesco said the breakdown has now created a total 365 Mega Watts power shortage including the deficit currently being experienced in Lusaka for five hours every day.

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Sata Rejects Dialogue with Opposition, says spokesperson

Chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni says President Michael Sata will not waste time in dialogue with opposition leaders unless they stop insulting and recognise him as the legitimately elected head. Reacting to calls by the opposition for President Sata to consult the opposition and other government stakeholders over national issues, Sakeni said that would not happen because the said leaders were using radio stations and online media to ridicule the Head of State. “The opposition leaders should acknowledge that Mr Sata is the President of the Republic. He was elected by the people of Zambia. The ball is in the  …More

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Zambian Farmers Demand Improved Cotton Price

THE Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has urged Government to consider re-evaluating cotton prices for peasant farmers who make money from the produce only once a year. ZNFU president Jarvis Zimba said this in an interview yesterday following the setting of the cotton price at K3,696 (US77 cents) per kilogramme by the Zimbabwean government. This is almost twice the K1,600 (US33 cents) floor price of cotton in Zambia. Last Thursday, the Zimbabwean government announced a minimum cotton price of US77 cents per kilogramme for the 2011/2012 marketing season. Mr Zimba said it is the same international companies that will buy  …More

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Local Transport Hiked in Zambian Capital in Response to New Minimum Wage

Local public transporters in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, have increased bus fares in response to ruling Patriotic Front government’s decision to increase the minimum wage. According to Muvi TV, a private state, bus fares on all routes in Lusaka have been increased by K600. Bus operators had initially proposed a K1000 increment on all local routes but have after thorough consultation on made an adjustment of up to K600. Capital Buses proprietor Ishmael Kankara, who owns a fleet of buses that operate on virtually all routes in Lusaka popularly known as Flash, announced the increment saying it was with immediate effect.  …More

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President Sata Begins Construction of Retirement Home

President Michael Sata has clearing land for a new private construction project in the New Kasama area of Lusaka to build his own retirement mansion, leaping ahead of other former presidents such as Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, and Rupiah Banda who did not develop their residential plots. According to sources close to State House, earth movers, graders and other construction machinery have been spotted at the plot near State Lodge, while workers indicate that they are beginning the construction of a lavish new home for the president. The news of Sata building his own retirement mansion come only a week  …More

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Zambia’s 2012 Olympic Medal Chase Fails at First Attempt

Zambia’s first attempt for a medal at the 2012 London Olympics collapsed in the preliminary round when swimmer Zane Jordan could not progress to the next round on Sunday. The UK-based Jordan was competing in the 100m backstroke where he only managed to better his personal best time. Jordan, based in the United Kingdom, finished third in his heat after 58.77 seconds which was better than his previous 59.33 seconds record he entered the event with. Barbados’ Ally Bradley won Jordan’s heat with 56.27 seconds despite failing to beat his personal best time which is 55.88 seconds and Sri Lanka’s  …More

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Rupiah Banda is Supportive, says MMD President Nevers Mumba

Opposition MMD leader Nevers Mumba has poured cold water on speculations hatched by the PF aligned Post Newspapers over a fake tribalism article allegedly sidelining him from the leadership of the UPND-MMD alliance. The Post recently carried an article quoting anonymous sources alleging that former Republican president Rupiah Banda had preferred UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema to Mumba to lead the opposition alliance in what was a tribal scheme. Following The Post article, State House issued a follow up statement condemning Rupiah while accusing him of tribalism in what emerged was a systematic scheme to attack the former Head of State with  …More

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PF Declare Street Vending Legal as Petty Crime Rises in Lusaka

Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front has declared street vending in the country’s central business districts as legal, a few days after street vendors staged a mini protest to demand the dismissal of some government officials that wanted them removed from their trading areas. Two senior PF party and government officials have come out strong in support of street vendors suggesting it is one form of employment for majority of Zambian youths. Former local government minister Professor Nkandu Luo was demoted last week in President Michael Sata’s mini-cabinet reshuffle when she declared zero tolerance on street vending in a bid to bring  …More

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