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Sata Aims to Repair Relations with Church

President Sata made the assurance in a telephone conversation with Zambia’s senior Catholic Priest Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe who has been admitted to South Africa’s Morningside Clinic since early this month. President Sata told Cardinal Mazombwe that the Zambian Church in general is a key stakeholder in the governance of the country because it represents the majority citizenry. He acknowledged that that the Church plays an essential role in society and deserve Government’s support and encouragement. President Sata ironically wondered who will take care of the Church if the political leadership does not do that. Sata last week attacked the Church  …More

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Panicked by Rising Inflation, Government Negotiates to Lower Food Prices

Following yesterday’s announcement by the Central Statistics Office that the increase in millie-meal prices had triggered upward inflation, the PF government has called for negotiations with millers. Agriculture Minister Emmanuel Chenda says government is concerned by the fact that millers have opted to increase the price of mealie meal when there is surplus maize and wants them to reconsider the move.  Some observers have discussed the potential political crisis that may result if basic food staples become too expensive for many Zambians. Millers recently increased the price of mealie-meal as a result of increased electricity tariffs and fuel price hikes.  …More

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Zambian President Fires Justice Minister over Botched Judges’ Suspension

Zambian President Michael Sata has revoked the appointment of justice minister Sebastian Zulu following a botched attempt by the PF government to run the judiciary. Zulu is at the centre of the confusion in the Zambian judiciary which has seen the suspension of three judges – Phillip Musonda, Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna – for alleged professional misconduct. The three judges were suspended for finding Sata’s allies – Fred M’membe and Mutembo Nchito – wanting over a defaulted public loan of over K14 billion. The suspension of the three judges is seemingly dragging despite President Sata hiring a Malawian judge  …More

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Zambian Opposition Unearth Scam to Throw Critics in Jail on Framed Sedition Charges

Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says his party has unearthed a scam in which the dictatorial government of Michael Sata wants to frame treason and sedition charges against critics to create a one party state. Hichilema, himself facing charges of causing the publication of statements likely to cause public alarm, is cautioning opposition leaders to be on the look out. This comes in the wake of a police raid on Wednesday when the Zambian police surrounded the UPND secretariat searching for seditious material. Hichilema, however, believes the move is a countrywide ploy to implicate opposition leaders and throw them in  …More

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MMD Pays Registration Fees

Several times over the past number of months it appeared that the ruling Patriotic Front party was seeking to force through the de-registration of Zambia’s largest opposition party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).  Had they been successful, more than 50 parliamentary seats would have been vacated, requiring a staggering number of bye-elections. But that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer. Today the MMD is reported to have paid K300 million out of the K392 million the former ruling party owes the department of the Registrar of Societies in accrued statutory fees, with the remaining sum to compensated  …More

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SADC Lawyers Association Worried over Judicial Interference in Zambia

A regional legal group has condemned the “unjustifiable suspension and removal of judges in countries like Zambia,” commenting that such measures have undermined the independence of the judiciary in the region. According to a communiqué issued at the end of the 2012 Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Lawyers Association annual general meeting and conference in Ezulwini, Swaziland from, the lawyers’s group noted that judiciaries in the region were constrained financially and had limited confines within which judges are expected to exercise their mandate. “Governments must ensure that the judiciaries in the region are adequately resources, are independent and are able  …More

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President Sata Disrespects Evangelicals, Says Mumba

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba has accused President Michael Sata of disrespecting and neglecting the Evangelical movement and Pentecostal churches. Speaking during a press briefing at the party’s secretariat today, Mumba accused the PF government of lucking a deliberate policy that would incorporate the Church in its governance. “The President has no regard or respect for the evangelical movement and that is why he calls the evangelical movement leaders self-ordained pastors and bishops which is very derogatory and actually an act that should not be encouraged because it borders on God and his ministries. PF has started  …More

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Inflation on the Rise in Zambia

Zambia’s inflation rate for August has once again increased from 6.2% in July to 6.4% this month. The Central Statistical Office (CSO) has announce the economic indicator at a briefing today and attributed the rise in inflation to increases in food prices. “Between July and August 2012, the annual rate of inflation increased for food and non-alcoholic beverages; furnishings, household equipment and routine house maintenance, health, education, and miscellaneous goods and services, while the annual rate of inflation decreased for alcoholic beverages and tobacco; clothing and footwear; housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels; recreation and culture; and restaurant and  …More

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Zambia’s Mismanaged Agricultural Sector

In many discussions among Zambians focusing on agriculture, the phrase paya farmer (kill the farmer) has become quite common. Not only is paya farmer an insinuation of the initials of the ruling party (PF, Patriotic Front), it is also an apt description of the government’s mismanaged agricultural policies. While Zambia is best known for its copper mining, a far greater number of jobs is to be found in the agricultural sector, which is seen as the key hub for the country’s economic development over the past several decades.  Like many other African countries, Zambia cannot significantly reduce poverty, increase per capita  …More

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LAP-GreenN Attacks Zambian Government Over Deportations

Following the arrest and deportation of one former Zamtel executive and the alleged (but later disproven) deportation of another, the former owners of the company have released a statement condemning the conduct of the Patriotic Front administration. “The government’s deplorable behavior is severely damaging Zambia’s international reputation,” LAP-GreenN declared in its statement, adding that the company is objecting to the “disgraceful and unacceptable treatment” of its employee and former Chief Financial Officer of Zamtel, Adnan Hayee, who was recently incarcerated in a Zambian jail from 17 to 20 August. LAP-GreenN, the international telecommunications arm of the Libyan Investment Authority, purchased a  …More

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