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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hichilema Asks Court to Grant Waiver in Sata Defamation Case

Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has asked the Lusaka High Court to grant waiver of immunity for President Michael Sata in a defamation suit the Head of State has brought to court. Hichilema says there will be no level playing field if the case where President Sata sued him for defamation proceeded without a waiver of his immunity. Zambian leader President Sata has sued Hichilema, popular online publication Zambian Watchdog proprietor Lloyd Himaambo and Daily Nation editor Richard Sakala as first, second and third respondents respectively in one of his many attempts to frustrate the opposition and limit freedom of  …More

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Sata Mocks Britons, Americans Praising Mugabe in New York

Zambian has damned Britons and Americans describing his African dictator Robert Mugabe as a much clever man than those who imposed economic sanctions on the continent’s former food basket. In his now uncharacteristic fashion, Sata was addressing the business community in New York recently saying; “it was most unfortunate that Western countries’” had sustained their sanctions against Zimbabwe. Sata mocked Western countries had imposed sanctions on Mugaba, he was unaffected and maintained a well nourished lifestyle. “Today, you have sanctions against Mugabe but the sanctions are not affecting Mugabe. You saw him at the United Nations, he is over-nourished, and  …More

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Ex-Minister Ask President Sata to Resign

Alfred Njovu, former deputy minister in President Frederick Chiluba’s government, has asked President Michael Sata to step down for bringing the Presidency into an embarrassing situation. Njovu, an outspoken critic of President Sata, has made irredeemable errors that have caused Zambia a lot of embarrassment. The former transport and communications deputy minister believes quitting will save President Sata and the country further embarrassment. He said the PF government has fallen short of most of the promises made to Zambians prior to last year’s elections. He, however, said President Sata was riding on MMD’s developmental projects. Njovu has since challenged media  …More

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Police Arrest Chinese Supervisor for Assaulting Worker

A Chinese national working for Hua Jiang investment in Zambia is arrested for allegedly assaulting a worker at the Itezhi tezhi high school construction site. The suspect, only identified as Mr Wang, is a supervisor employed by Hua Jiang Investment. Itezhi tezhi District Commissioner, Roy Nang’alelwa, confirmed the arrest saying Wang is detained at Itezhi Tezhi police station. According to reports, the victim apparently quarreled with his supervisor over unpaid wages. Nang’alelwa informed Central Province Permanent Secretary, Anna Mwitwa, who was in the district for a familiarization tour. This is barely two years after casual workers at the same school  …More

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Mama Betty Kaunda Put to Rest

Former First Lady Mama Betty Kaunda has been put to rest at the family estate in State Lodge area in Lusaka. She was accorded a gun salute by the Zambia Army as her casket was being lowered into the grave. The Burial of Mama Betty Kaunda followed a requiem church service earlier at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross were her husband of 66 years first republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda paid glowing tribute to her late wife. Scores of people from all walks of life turned up to escort the remains of Mama Betty Kaunda who died on Wednesday  …More

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PF Mouthpiece Goes for MMD’s Nevers Mumba on Kaingu

The Patriotic Front has charged that MMD president Nevers Mumba is making it impossible for Zambians to respect his leadership. PF media and publicity director Chanda Mfula in statement released to QFM News says it is disgraceful for Pastor Mumba to endorse the actions of his vice president who decided to tear President Michael Sata’s speech to parliament. Mfula, however, says the PF is not surprised by Pastor Mumba’s stance stating that there is a striking similarity between his and Mr. Kaingu’s behaviour. He points to the recent attempt by Dr Mumba to stray into State House on a Sunday  …More

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Zambian Police Forced to Rescind Ban on PF Hooligans at Mama Betty’s Funeral

The PF police force has been forced to rescind its decision banning political cadres, particularly PF thugs, from wearing party regalia at the funeral of Mama Betty Kaunda today. According to Radio Phoenix, Home affairs permanent secretary Maxwell Nkole has directed police to lift the ban on party regalia during the procession. Last Friday, PF cadres went on rampage during the requiem mass of Mama Kaunda attacking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his supporters. Hichilema’s supporter Edward Mumbi was physically assaulted by known PF hooliganism but no arrest has so far been made. Police were prompted to ban party regalia  …More

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Former Minister Calls on PF to Show Proof Behind Corruption Allegations

Former minister of Agriculture Dr. Eustacio Kazonga has parried allegations that top officials in the MMD government shared US$ 20 million from fertiliser contracts awarded to Nyiombo and Omnia. Dr. Kazonga said it did not make any sense for the PF government to lie against the former ruling party when in fact the successes they were riding on was initiated by the MMD government and its committed leadership. These two companies are the same companies the Patriotic Front (PF) government has recently awarded contracts to supply and deliver fertiliser under the Fertiliser Input Support Programme (FISP) for the 2012-2013 farming  …More

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Lusaka High Court Refuses to Re-examine Banda-Locci Case

A Lusaka High Court judge has refused to re-examine a case involving Andrew Banda and Italian businessman Antonello Locci saying there are no constitutional matters in the case to be dealt with by the higher court. Just yesterday, Senior Magistrate Joshua Banda referred the matter to the High Court to determine constitutional issues, as the men had been charged under a repealed law. Justice Evans Hamaundu of the High Court told the court that he would not re-examine the matter because there is no specific law protecting Zambian citizens from being prosecuted under repealed laws. “What is before the court  …More

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Zambia Police Ban Political Party Cadres at Mama Betty Funeral Today

THE police command has issued an all-round ban on political activity at the requiem mass and burial of former First Lady, Mama Betty Kaunda. This follows last week’s violent incident involving Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) party cadres at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Lusaka Province commissioner of police Solomon Jere said police will not tolerate acts of hooliganism and other disorderly behaviour by party cadres during the state funeral tomorrow. “I want to warn cadres that funeral gatherings are solemn occasions where we do not expect any reasonable person to orchestrate violent behaviour.  …More

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