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VP Seeks to Retroactively Officialise Office of the First Lady

Vice President Guy Scott has advised Members of Parliament to constitutionalise the Office of the First Lady in 2016 to end the debate of her using government resources illegally. In an attempt to settle the controversy which arose over the K1.5 billion budget which parliament approved for the office of the First Lady, Dr. Scott said the Office of the First Lady enjoys general administration expenditure merely for activities under Cabinet Office allocation from the National Budget. Recently, parliament approved K1.5 billion allocation for the office of the First Lady but the move has raised debate with some civil society  …More

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President Sata ‘Held Hostage’ by Mahtani, says Changala

President Michael Sata is being held hostage by a clique that has turned the judiciary into a circus, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) member Brebner Changala has charged. As a result he said, Mr Sata appeared totally incapable of controlling what was happening because the people he trusted with very sensitive offices abused their powers by making reckless decisions which the President failed to check or censure. “I appeal to the decent senior members of the PF such as Alexander Chikwanda and Dr Guy Scott to help and prevail on the President so that he can free himself from  …More

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Opposition Challenges PF over Chipata Central Seat in Parliament

Vice President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Michael Kaingu has asked the Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Mkhondo Lungu to seek an explanation from the Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba on why ruling party members were fighting for adoption for the Chipata Central constituency seat when the Supreme Court is yet to make a ruling in the election petition case. Kaingu wondered whether it was peaceable to keep the House in the dark on the fight among PF cadres over adoption. He further accused the PF of having access to classified Supreme Court Information upon which  …More

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Sata Orders Killing of Barotse Activists

President of Zambia Michael Sata has ordered the killing of rebel activists in Western Province who are advocating for the secession of Barotseland from the rest of Zambia. Speaking at the SADC region Defence Command graduation ceremony at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Center today, President Sata instructed Army commander Lt. General Erick Chimense to ferry troops to Western Province and sort out a group called Barotse Liberation Army (BLA). “In Lukulu (Western Province) people have formed a group called Barotse Liberation Army, they are recruiting people. As of today, I am aware that they have recruited 276 people. They are  …More

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Mealie Meal Crisis: Panicking PF Forces Food Reserve Agency to Make Losses

The Zambian government is panicking over the mealie meal crisis and has forced the Food Reserve Agency to sell maize at K60, 000 instead of K65, 000 of a 50 kg bag in a bid to try and control sky-rocketting prices. The cost of a bag of 25 kg mealie meal jumped K45, 000 to between K75, 000 and K80, 000 on the Copperbelt after a shortage in the commodity which is a staple food for Zambia. In an attempt to bring the situation under control, the government says its decision to allow the Food Reserve Agency to sell the  …More

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Zambia Courts Disaster at Zone 6 Games for Being Ill-Prepared Hosts

Zambia’s hosting of the Zone Six Youth Games is in shambles as the country shows glaring levels of an ill-prepared lot. With 7days remaining before the games start, the event’s main stadium – Nkoloma – which is supposed to hos the opening and closing ceremony is far from being ready. (In the picture, the incomplete swimming pool just seven days before the Games) The doping rooms at the stadium in Lusaka’s Chelsone area, about 10 kilometres east of the central business district, are not even 75 percent done. There are no floodlights which would have permitted games being played and  …More

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PF Ready for International Criminal Court if UPND Presents Dossier

Zambia’s chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has dared the opposition UPND to go ahead and prove its ignorance to the international community by submitting names to the International Criminal Court (ICC) of people it accuses of human rights abuses. The UPND has indicated that it has started compiling names of people it intends to submit to the ICC over the violation of human rights. Sakeni says the opposition UPND should be free to take whatever action it wishes to take because that is its constitutional right. Sakeni says government will not stop any opposition political party in the country to  …More

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Parliamentarian Mucheleka Warns PF of Unplanned for Debts

Independent Lubansenshi member of parliament Patrick Mucheleka has warned that Zambia will find itself in another unsustainable debt position going by the number of ambitious programmes being announced by the PF government. Mucheleka, who was contributing to debate on the committee of supply motion, wondered where the money will come from to fund the ambitious projects being announced by the government. He says there is need for the PF government to match their development programmes with the available resources. Mucheleka has also advised government to put in place inclusive economic growth as well as poverty reduction by channeling resources were  …More

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Zambian Lawyers File Petition Challenging President Sata’s Colonial Act

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has filed a petition to reform the Public Order Act (POA). LAZ president James Banda announced the filing of the petition in the Lusaka High Court to challenge certain provisions in the POA. Banda said the petition was taken into account after taking into consideration the public interest in implementing the law. He said this was in line with the mandate of LAZ in protecting the liberties of individuals and reforming the laws that did not serve the interest of Zambians. LAZ will now wait for the High Court to set a date for  …More

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Zambian Inflation Rate Makes Marginal Rise

The inflation rate for the month of November has increased compared to last months. Central Statistics Office acting director Goodson Sinyenga said the inflation increase is from 6.8 percent last month to 6.9 percent this month. He said the 0.1 percent increase has been attributed to non food products. The non food items contributed about 4.1 per cent while food products contributed about 2.8 percent to the October inflation. The Copperbelt Province contributed the largest inflation by 1.9 per cent while the lowest contributors were from North Western and Western Provinces. Sinyenga said this means that prices for products increased  …More

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