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  • Opinion: Sata is Like Amin, Saddam or Hitler – UPND

    We shall make this simple. Because it has to be simple for a dummy like George Chellah to understand. First and foremost, Sata is not a statesman, he is just a President, statesmen fall in the categories of the Abraham Lincolns, Jimmy Caters, Bill Clintons, Koffi Annans, now imagine you add Sata to that list, then we might as well add Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, because that is what Sata is, actually we are being very candid about this First statesmen don’t lie, Sata is a liar. Secondly, statesmen don’t call citizens names, they Govern. Statesmen condemn  …More

  • Opinion: Agreeing with PF Cadres on Online Publications

    I agree with recent government statements that the level of online journalism in the country is very poor. In most cases there’s no analysis and it is simply full of insults. I also agree with what various members of the PF [e.g. Lusaka Province Youth Chairman] have said that there is need for respect to be shown to the Head of State. It is important that those that criticise the president do not damage the institution of the presidency in the process. The question is what should be done about these challenges? Banning websites has its own pros and cons.  …More

  • VIDEO: Sata’s Electoral Violence in Zambia

    On Saturday April 12, 2014, Zambia Reports exclusively published a video footage of United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema escape, using a rooftop exit, from being harmed by armed Patriotic Front cadres when he featured on a radio programme at Sun FM. A few days later Fr Frank Bwalya, leader of Alliance for a Better Zambia, was attacked by the same PF cadres in Ndola while visiting one of his sick members. And when it is said President Michael Sata is training a militia to protect his Patriotic Front’s hold on power, his zealots argue these suggestions  …More

  • Hichilema’s Full Press Statement

    PRESS STATEMENT BY UPND PRESIDENT HAKAINDE HICHILEMA 16TH APRIL, 2014 PRESIDENT SATA’S STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM With more than half the term of the Patriotic Front (PF) mandate gone, it is becoming evidently clear that Mr. Sata is a mis-fit in a democratic setting such as ours. The decline in the enjoyment of civil liberties, the deficiencies in good governance and the total breakdown of law and order since the ascendance of Mr. Sata to the Presidency all attest to the fact that Zambia has a full blown dictator as President. Mr. Sata’s Character A careful analysis of Mr. Sata’s conduct  …More

  • Opinion: Petty Corruption Campaign by the Corrupt

    Any campaign or crusade that fails to show integrity is a corrupt denigration of intention. This is what is happening to Government’s anti corruption campaign. The Government has failed to show any commitment to a genuine fight against corruption, therefore the campaign is corrupt and doomed to fail. The investigation against Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili is laughable compared to more serious allegations of corruption and graft that Government has failed to investigate and prosecute. While Kambwili is being investigated for an advertisement in the press, no investigation has been undertaken to determine the irregular procurement of overpriced  …More

  • Kalaki’s Korner: Action Man in Brussels

    I know you’re all waiting to hear the news of what I’ve been doing in Brussels, and how I am representing my country at the centre of power of the European Union. George Chellah is supposed to be giving you all the news on the ‘His Excellency’ page, but he hasn’t written anything for the past three days. He went shopping with Christine on Saturday and I haven’t seen either of them since. Anyway, his stories are all fake, he just makes them up. So I thought, as your Action Man, I should just do the job myself and tell  …More

  • Kalaki’s Korner: A Strange Disappearance

    ‘Have you heard the latest?’ asked Kupela. ‘Michael seems to have disappeared again.’ ‘Are you saying he has completely evaporated?’ Sara wondered. ‘Or that he disappeared from one place in order to re-appear somewhere else.’ ‘Obviously I mean that he seems to have disappeared from Zambia,’ Kupela retorted. ‘Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.’ ‘So where has he reappeared?’ asked Sara. ‘I didn’t say that I knew where he had gone. All I’m saying is that nobody has seen him since he was supposed to have come back from Brussels last Friday.’ ‘But how can you possibly know  …More

  • LETTER: Mahtani, Michael Gondwe’s Crookery Exposed

    Mr. Editor sir, send your reporters to Professional Insurance and Finance Bank. The penthouse Mahtani is living in since 1991 and offices he occupies on 5th floor of Finance House have never been paid for. Free housing and offices to him and Professional Insurance paying salaries for his secretary are clear cases of money laundering. Tax evasion on rent alone runs into millions of Kwacha. Dig deeper and you will find that Michael Gondwe (Bank of Zambia governor) is in his pockets. He was given 1% on line of credit that PTA Bank gave to Mahtani’s Finance Bank. Michael Gondwe  …More

  • You Can’t De-gazzette Bishop Lungu, Fr Bwalya tells Sata

    OPEN LETTER TO SATA ON HIS THREATS TO SORT OUT BISHOP LUNGU By Fr Frank Bwalya March 26, 2014. Your Excellency, Ref: Your Threat to sort out Bishop George Lungu I have confirmed that you phoned Right Reverend George Lungu of the Catholic Diocese of Chipata and threatened to sort him out. The reason for your planned sorting out of Bishop Lungu is that he allowed prayers for the release of the draft constitution to be conducted in a church in his diocese. Against this background I have decided to write this open letter to you in my capacity as  …More

  • Opinion: UPND Hits Back at Lucky Mulusa

    We fail where to start from because we consider Lucky Mulusa a comrade in the fight against injustice and oppression which we are subjected to under this PF government. We are not ashamed to say, hitherto, we have admired Mulusa as a brave and courageous man. We have in mind how he risked his position in parliament by exposing the hypocrisy of DPP Mutembo Nchito. We also remember how he marched from Chingola to Solwezi to protest against the PF’s maladministration. But now our ‘hero’ Mulusa has turned around to accuse us of being behind the troubles that besiege his  …More

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