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  • M’membe Punishes Junior Reporter over Kaingu Article

    Post Newspapers editor-in-chief Fred M’membe has moved one of his reporters from the news desk for giving an unfavourable report on the on-going wrangles in the MMD. M’membe, who is at the centre of the operation to obliterate the MMD using his puppeteer Michael Kaingu, got incensed when the reporter Allan Mulenga told his colleagues that he had got information the opposition Mwandi MP had received money from the PF to destabilize the fight against the constitution and also sell out the MMD to PF. When M’membe heard Mulenga’s version, he staged a fake call with his reporters listening on  …More

  • Lusaka Reject Calls for Nevers to Quit

    The opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy in Lusaka has unanimously rejected the Michael Kaingu led calls for an extraordinary convention to elect a new leadership. Provincial chairperson Watson Mtonga said the executive had met and resolved to throw its weight behind party president Nevers Mumba. Mtonga said the executive had appealed to Mumba to call for an emergency National Executive Committee meeting to iron out differences in the party. He said that they had also called for reconciliation as the best way to consolidate their re-organization process. “As Lusaka province we met and it was unanimously resolved that we  …More

  • MISA Concerned by Govt Pressure on Radio Stations

    The Zambia chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) has issued the following statement to express its concern over calls by Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge that radio stations in the country must notify the police before they host political party leaders on their programmes. This statement is not only disappointing and retrogressive, especially from a party that benefited so much from the Zambian media to gain popularity and win the vote, but a big danger to the rights of the Zambian citizens to express themselves freely, to access vital and truthful information and to media independence. MISA Zambia  …More

  • PF is Desperate, says Fr Bwalya

    Alliance for a Better Zambia President Father Frank Bwalya says the government’s latest issuance of a US $1 billion bond is a sign of desperation after depleting all the funds for the hastily initiated development projects. Fr Bwalya expressed concern that the huge debt will grow even bigger as the country gears up for elections in the 2016 general elections. He said that future generations will be permanently shackled to the debt burden if the Patriotic Front government continued on their trend of reckless borrowing. “This is a sign that they have run out of money for their projects invented  …More

  • PF Praise Singer Condemns Violent Cadres

    Even Patriotic Front praise singer Joyce Nonde has condemned the violent behaviour of Patriotic Front cadres against opposition United Party for National Development. Nonde said the behaviour by Patriotic Front cadres against opposition leaders was taking the country’s democratic dispensation backwards. She said it was unfortunate that 50 years after independence the ruling party cadres were clinging to stone-age politics. Nonde said PF cadres should be strong enough to stomach criticism and counter it with civility. “After 50 years of Independence we should be practicing politics of violence it is very unfortunate and we appeal to the PF to tame  …More

  • Military Personnel Upset with Wage Freeze

    A Zambia Army officer from Arakan Barracks has revealed that military personnel are very unhappy with the recent wage freezes, which they say has negatively affected morale among the troops. The officer who spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons has said that both soldiers and officers in the barracks were upset that there would be no promotions and salary increments among the ranks in the foreseeable future. The officer said soldiers paid attention to promotions, which kept them motivated and appreciated in their public service achievements. “Promotions for soldiers are very important and we see them as a  …More

  • Constitution is Irrelevant, says Guy Scott

    Vice President Guy Scott says the constitution is not relevant for the development of the country. Scott, who has added yet another PF view on the constitution, bragged that he stopped the last attempt at passing a new constitution under the MMD by manipulating parliamentary numbers. “This controversy surrounding the constitution is not relevant to us when we make any progress. The only progress we will make is if we are unanimous,” he said. “I was the one who blocked the last attempt to pass the constitution under the MMD government because with a small group of people from PF  …More

  • Shamenda Says Some Fired Nurse are Bad Eggs

    Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda says the strike action by nurses presented government an opportunity to purge the system of bad eggs. Shamenda said the dismissed nurses will not be re-instated unconditionally but will be heavily screened before being re-employed. He also confirmed that they had forfeited their earlier benefits and will be treated like first time employees. “This issue of being re-instated unconditionally does not arise it is re-employment this is what I have been informed by the employers who are the Ministry of Health,” Shamenda said. “They were dismissed and re-instated the first time when they went on nine  …More

  • Hichilema’s Escape Video Saddens Mulusa, Many Others

    Former Solwezi Central member of parliament Lucky Mulusa is saddened to see the video first exclusively obtained and published by Zambia Reports documenting the chilling experience opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema endured to escape harm from ruling Patriotic Front cadres. The video posted Saturday night has gone viral on social media with a cross section of Zambians in and outside the country expressing shock and sadness. Hichilema was featuring on a live radio programme at Ndola’s SUN FM where cadres thronged in huge numbers carrying different objects including guns and machetes. They started stoning the radio station before Hichilema was  …More

  • VIDEO: Hichilema Escapes from PF Thugs at Ndola Radio

    In case there are those who were swayed to believe PF chief propagandist Fred M’membe’s claims that the media and political environment in the country had improved and way better than before, here is some evidence to the contrary. Opposition United Party for National Development, UPND, leader Hakainde Hichilema was this morning forced to use a rooftop exit when his live programme at Sun FM in Ndola – the administrative capital on the Copperbelt – was disrupted by ruling PF cadres. Those cadres beat up his supporters outside the station and were headed to the studio to inflict harm on  …More

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