Growing Tension with South Africa over Extradition Request

Zambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Given Lubinda has come forward to defend the government from criticism that it has acted improperly in its pursuit of arrest for former President Rupiah Banda’s son, Henry, who is in South Africa.  Lubinda is keen to emphasize that this request will not strain diplomatic ties between the two countries.

South Africa has refused to arrest and hand over the son of the former head of state on grounds that it had not been furnished with sufficient grounds for doing so.  But  Lubinda told journalists in Lusaka yesterday that Government has started engaging the South African government to get more information over Henry’s stay in that country.

“My ministry (Foreign Affairs) has already started engaging the High Commissioner of South Africa (to Zambia) Mr Chikane to get more information on the matter.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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