Henry Banda is Not a Fugitive, Says Lawyer

HENRY Banda’s lawyer Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Peroff says his client is not afraid of appearing before the investigative wings.

In a telephone interview from South Africa today, Amsterdam said what Henry did not want was political prosecution which he claimed the PF government was bent on.  Former president Rupiah Banda’s son, Henry, who is wanted by the Zambian joint investigative wings for unspecified charges has hired Amsterdam, a high-profile international lawyer, to represent him.

Amsterdam said that Zambia’s investigative wings must forward all queries or questions that they claim to have for Henry to him.  Amsterdam said the government could furthermore, if they wished, present their queries before the South African council of lawyers.

“He doesn’t have to show up for them to ask what they want to ask him and your government knows that. This is why Henry is free here in South Africa to go anywhere he wants. Even the apartment where he stays is so open and Zambia’s investigative wings have known all along,” Amsterdam said. “Henry is running into Zambian ministers. He is living openly. He has been communicating with Interpol making sure they know where he is. Anyone can pick up a telephone to ask a question. What we are saying is that the government is not complying with the law by issuing a red alert on Henry before any charges are leveled against him.”

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