State House Plans to Limit Media Access

Permanent secretary in charge of administration at Cabinet Office Anne Sinyangwe government is contemplating allowing only the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) to cover State House assignments.

She said the government news agency would then distribute information to other media houses.  Yesterday, Sinyangwe told journalists at State House that the government would regulate coverage of functions there because reporters were congesting the premises.

“It doesn’t look nice for us to be congested; let’s have perhaps a way of getting news or information from here through ZANIS,” said Sinyagwe.

But the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Labour has distanced itself from the announcement saying government will not regulate coverage of State House by journalists.

Dismissing permanent secretary in charge of administration at Cabinet Office Anne Sinyangwe’s pronouncement, both information minister Fackson Shamenda and his permanent secretary, Amos Malupenga, said that was not official government position.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Shamenda said Sinyangwe’s statement “did not hold any water”.

“There was a misunderstanding. Journalists are always welcome wherever there are functions, you are our good friends. The pronouncement by permanent secretary at Cabinet Office does not hold any water,” said Shamenda.

Observers were confused by the contradicting statements from government officials – something that has become more apparent in recent weeks.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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