Kabimba Denies that PF is Persecuting MMD Members

Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says the MMD should not view the investigation of its members for corruption as harassment.  His comments follow upon a recent interview with Henry Banda’s lawyer, Robert Amsterdam, who points out that the accusations (bicycles, maize meal) against many members of the MMD are tenuous and not credible.

The former ruling MMD has set 25th May, which is Africa Freedom Day as the date for its provincial conventions, stating that there was nothing to celebrate about when its youths and leaders were being harassed by government.

But Kabimba says no one would be forced to join the commemoration of the African Freedom Day. He said the PF government was merely cleaning up the mess that was left behind by the former ruling party and that the investigative wings were using their professional discretion to make arrests. Kabimba also remarked that he thought the MMD had no right to complain when the PF survived for many years as the opposition.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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