Zambian Government Bans Some Alcohol Sales

IN RECOGNITION of the ‘social upheaval’ caused by the infamous potent spirits widely known as tujilijili, Government has banned the manufacturing, importation, distribution, stocking, selling and consumption of the sachets.

Minister of Local Government and Housing Nkandu Luo signed a statutory instrument banning the flourishing trade in tujilijili yesterday.  Since they were introduced on the market, the spirits, packed in minute sachets, have caused a public outcry due to the destruction they have caused to families and human life.

Professor Luo said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that any licence issued in respect of manufacturing, importing, exporting, selling or supply of the intoxicating liquor, has been revoked from the date of publication of the regulations.

She said the move is meant to prohibit the packing of liquor in small quantities, which youths in particular have abused, because the sachets are easily accessible and affordable.

“The main objective of these regulations made under a statutory instrument which I have signed today, is to prohibit the packing of liquor popularly known as tujilijili and any other names that they may be known by,” she said.

She said anyone who contravenes the regulations will be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding 2,500 penalty units, two years imprisonment or both.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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