Zambia’s Last Elections Not So ‘Free and Fair’ – FODEP

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says the continued nullification of parliamentary seats by the courts on grounds of electoral malpractices and falsehoods, is an indictment on both local and international election monitoring bodies which declared the elections free and fair.

FODEP executive director McDonald Chipenzi said in a statement issued yesterday that the parliamentary election petitions that have seen the MMD lose nine seats so far, point to the fact that the 2011 tripartite elections were marred with electoral malpractices.  The election tribunals, however, has also confirmed many seats won by the MMD and thrown out petitions brought by the PF (the PF has challenged every seat won by the former ruling party).

The MMD has so far lost Malambo, Chama North and Chipata Central in Eastern Province, Masaiti on the Copperbelt, Lukulu West, Mangango and Luampa in Western Province, Mkushi North in Central Province and Livingstone Central in Southern Province. The other one is Solwezi East in Northwestern Province.

FODEP said the nullification could only mean that electoral laws were not adhered to.

“This is also a signal that political parties and their candidates never adhered to the provisions of the electoral code of conduct and that the authorities who were supposed to enforce the code failed to live up to their mandate,” Mr Chipenzi said

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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