Kabimba Lashes Out at the Business Sector

During the presidential campaign last year, the Patriotic Front sent a chill down the spine of the business community, promising to take revenge against “foreign infestors.” Then, it seemed for a time, that the new government would welcome businesses and respect their rights.

Comments made today by the Secretary General of the PF, Wynter Kabimba, appear to go back to the hostilities of the campaign. Kabimba has lashed out at the business community, demanding that they recognise that his party is the political authority everywhere in the country.

“The culture of victimisation of PF members on the grounds of political affiliation will not be tolerated at all. I expect for example, every company that is in Lusaka, private and public, to know who the provincial chairman for Lusaka is because he is the provincial political authority of our party,” Kabimba said. “I expect the mining companies in Solwezi to know the political leadership of the PF at the district level in Solwezi district because they are the political authority of this government in Solwezi,” Kabimba said. Kabimba said the party functionaries could therefore, not be belittled in anyway and at any cost. He said the same regard that was given to PF members of parliament and ministers, must be the same regard given to party functionaries.”

“This is because, this government was produced by this party before the government, there was only one institution, it was the party. I am also saying to our party functionaries, you are the political authority in this country today, so stop walking around apologetically.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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