Nevers Mumba: Sata Lied His Way into State House

MMD presidential aspirant Dr Nevers Mumba has described President Michael Sata as a reckless president who lied his way to State House.

Dr Mumba who was once vice president during Mwanawasa’s reign and is also immediate past High Commissioner to Canada, said this when he addressed his supporters in Livingstone.

He said president Sata should apologise to the people of Western Province whom he told lies and promised the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Dr Mumba further said the PF government would not last five years.

”President Sata went to Western Province to lie to innocent people. He lied to a wrong province that knew how to speak English before anyone in Zambia could speak English. He said he was going to give them the Barotseland Agreement. He is a reckless President.

“The Zambian people sent us to think properly and change what they did not want and since the PF has failed them, the people are looking back at MMD. Never in my life have I seen a party with so many mistakes,” Dr Mumba said.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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