Zambian Government Owes Toyota $8 Million

Transport minister Yamfwa Mukanga has acknowledged that the Zambian government owes Japan car manufacturer Toyota K40 billion (US$8 million) in unpaid arrears.

However the minister has dismissed reports that the firm has put a decree to stop supplying government with motor vehicles until the debt is settled.

“Government has no problem with Toyota Zambia, of course we owe them money but it is like any business transaction and the company is still able to supply and as we speak vehicles are getting delivered,” Mukanga said.  “The reason we decided to buy new government cars is because the MMD guys got the best cars as part of their entitlements and now ministers are driven in vehicles that are not in good condition.”

He also dismissed assertions that some ministers were driven in posh cars like Mercedes, Jeeps and other expensive cars.

“Maybe people are seeing parliamentarians some of whom are ministers driving these cars and they wrongly assume that these vehicles were bought by government,” said Mukanga.

Contrary to Mukanga’s statement, Foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda drives a GRZ registered Mercedes Benz while Gender Minister Inonge Wina drives the latest Land Rover Discovery.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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