Govt Lays Blame on Nevers Mumba for Confrontations at Kunda Funeral

PF supporters and MMD cadres on Friday were the cause of the controversial disputes which occurred at the funeral of the late former vice-president George Kunda.

However, government has thrown the blame at MMD aspiring presidential candidate Nevers Mumba over the Friday’s fracas.  Dr. Mumba has denied being behind the embarrassing situation, in which several groups of supporters of the president clashed with the mourners.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Fackson Shamenda says government has sufficient information that Dr. Mumba played a part in the confusion.  Mr. Shamenda says it is unfortunate that Dr. Mumba has chosen to castigate and call government names without looking at the positive development it has embarked on.

But Dr.Mumba says he was inside the church building and wondered how he could have been part of the confusion outside.  The requiem mass for former Vice-President George Kunda, who was put to rest on Friday was embroiled in confusion as PF cadres clashed with MMD supporters at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus.

The scenario prompted President Michael Sata to publicly ask the Inspector-General of Police Stella Libongani to deal with the trouble-makers.

“I have just received information that there are some youths outside wearing T-shirts saying ‘don’t kutina’ who want to cause confusion but I’ve learnt from KK (Kenneth Kaunda) not to respond to attacks…with me, when I respond, my tongue can be sharp,” Sata said before asking Ms Libongani to ensure there was order outside.

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