Sata Clarifies Protocol, Elevating PF Secretary General to #2

President Michael Sata has officially written to Secretary to the Cabinet Evans Chibiliti ordering him to ensure that PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba is acknowledged immediately after Vice-President Guy Scott at all state functions.

According to a letter dated April 10, 2012 addressed to Chibiliti and copied to ministers and permanent secretaries and has since been copied and communicated to all relevant government ministries and departments, the directive is with immediate effect.

President Sata stated that: “For avoidance of any doubt, the protocol at state functions shall now be as prescribed below: 1. His honour the Vice-President. 2. The secretary General (PF). 3. His lordship the Chief Justice. 4. The RT. Hon Speaker of the national Assembly. 5. Members of the Central Committee . 6. Cabinet ministers. 7. His worship the Mayor. 8. Deputy ministers. 9. Members of Parliament….”

President Sata further added that if present at any particular function, the First Lady shall be acknowledged immediately after him.

According to sources, the directive was prompted by the disorderly manner in which sitting arrangements of the party secretary general at state functions.

Exclusive to Zambia reports

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