Another Police Raid of Former Minister’s Home

After several months of police raids, seizures, and mysterious break-ins at the homes and offices of members of the opposition, today a team of police investigators raided the Lusaka West farmhouse of Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, who formerly served as Minister of Transportation and Communications in the last government.

More than ten un-uniformed police officers drove 50 kilometers away from Lusaka City in two unregistered vehicles and arrived at the farm at around 13:00 with a search warrant for “fire arms and related items”.

The search, monitored by Lungwangwa’s lawyer Maureen Samulele went on for about 4 hours during which no one inside the farm premises was allowed to leave or anyone entering.

Professor Lungwangwa is MMD member of parliament for Nalikwanda constituency.

In an interview later after the search was over, Lungwangwa confirmed that that the officers were searching for fire arms and said they found nothing.

“The police did come through at one o’clock with a search warrant which state they were searching for items concealed in the premises of Prof Lungwangwa, Illegal possession of fire arms and other related materials. They have however left a statement saying they have not found anything,” said Lungwangwa’s lawyer Samulele.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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