Germany Asks Zambia to Improve its Anti-Corruption Fight

The German government has advised the PF government to maintain the momentum in its fight against corruption.

German Deputy Ambassador to Zambia Astrid Ilper said the government and anti corruption institutions should take action against anyone who
abrogates the law.  Speaking at a two-day Stakeholders International Conference on Corruption and Human Rights in Lusaka yesterday, Ilper commended the government’s public statements against corruption.

“While protection of human rights and the fight against corruption has been high on the agenda of many governments in the region and in Africa, fighting corruption has been identified as one of the priority areas the new leadership of Zambia is strongly committed to.”

“First measures have been put in place and first positive results can be seen,” Ilper said. “The fight against corruption needs to be no let-up. Reputations can very quickly tarnish if positive action does not continue, the momentum of the fight against corruption needs to be maintained. The message of ‘no tolerance to corruption’ requires to be infused into the culture of all organisations, public and private,” she said.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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