BFF? Mugabe Enlists Sata as African Union Ally

During President Michael Sata’s state visit to Zimbabwe this week, his host, Robert Mugabe, has emphasized that African countries should be guided by the principle of generating African solutions to African challenges.

According to the Herald Newspaper of Zimbabwe, President Mugabe said: “It is therefore crucial that we equip the AU with the requisite provisions to enable it to contend with phenomena that threaten to destabilise the continent.”

President Mugabe called for a reformed UN system that would have no room for unilateralism by Western powers which abuse their disproportionate power in such bodies.

“Zimbabwe will continue to be guided by the principles of mutual respect and unbending regard for the sovereign will of independent nations. The regard we give to all nations of the world is the respect we expect from the same world,” he said.

President Mugabe described Zimbabwe and Zambia as Siamese twins.  And President Michael Sata said his visit was a standing tradition fulfilled by his predecessors over the years.

President Sata said Zambia and Zimbabwe’s relations, dating back to the pre-independence era, were founded on common traditions and cultural values. He said Zambia could not celebrate its independence without the liberation of Zimbabwe.

“It is for that reason Zambia fought tirelessly to ensure that our brothers and sisters in Southern Rhodesia, and indeed the rest of the region, attained their independence,” he said as he paid tribute to Zimbabwe’s liberation war heroes.

President Mugabe hosted a State banquet in hour of his Zambian counterpart at State House yesterday.  The two leaders had earlier held private talks before witnessing the signing of the MoU on co-operation to jointly construct a US$4 billion 1,650 megawatt hydro-power station at the Batoka Gorge.

President Mugabe also hailed Zambia’s contribution to Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence since it attained Statehood in 1964.

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