USA Pledges $500 Million in Aid to Zambia

The United States of America (US) intends to increase bilateral assistance to Zambia next year to $500 million. Up until this decision, bilateral assistance to Zambia from the United States has been about $400 million per year.

US Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella said his Government intended to increase assistance in order to make Zambia more prosperous in various sectors. Mr Storella said America’s strategic interest is to ensure Zambia continues to succeed as a role model for the region in democracy, peace, human rights and prosperity.

“Our desire is to build capacity of institutions and empower Zambians so that they can be responsible for their own development and that of the nation. We see a future of Zambia beyond aid as the nation grows in prosperity and becomes more and more capable of marshalling own resources,” he said.

“We see Zambia as a partner with whom we can collaborate and address global challenges such as health, poverty, the environment, human trafficking, climate change and regional stability,” he said.

Source: Times of Zambia

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