Kaunda: To Live Long, Go Vegetarian

First Republican President DR Kenneth Kaunda has attributed his longevity to the healthy lifestyle he leads.

In an interview, Dr Kaunda, whose birthday falls today, said his vegetarian lifestyle had helped him reach 88 years.

“I am a vegetarian, I don’t take meat, no eggs, no chicken, I eat only vegetables like an elephant,” he said.

And Dr Kaunda welcomed the banning of highly intoxicating alcohol called tujilijili by the government.

He appealed to young people in the country to stay away from the consumption of the illicit brew.

“Tujilijili must be stopped, the kids, young men and women must stop that. They should not wait for the government to act, but should do so themselves. They should solve the issue themselves by not drinking the stuff and that’s the best way of fighting tujilijili. So I appeal to them to stop,” he said.

Exclusive to Zambia Reports

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