Pande: MMD Ready to Redeem Itself

MMD presidential aspirant Kabinga Pande has asked Zambians to forgive the former ruling party for any wrongs it might have committed.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme yesterday, Pande, who is Kasempa member of parliament, said the former ruling party would only redeem itself if it went back to its founding principle of being a voice of the voiceless.

Pande said the MMD was learning how it feels to be in the opposition.

“We have to go back to our founding principle to be a voice of the voiceless. There are a lot of voiceless people in this country. After that, we will start winning elections again. People are finding out that the grass is not greener on the other side as they thought,” he said.

Pande claimed that MMD would be more organised after electing its president next month.  Pande also asked for forgiveness from Zambians for all the mistakes that were made by the MMD.

“I would say that we did what we could; we tried our best and indeed if there were mistakes which were made, like I have said I would like to apologise on behalf of the MMD to the Zambian people. We need to move forward,” he said.

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