Sata Condemns Sanctions against Zimbabwe

President Michael Sata has bemoaned the effects of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western countries.

He also supported the land reform programme, saying the liberation struggle would have been in vain had land remained in the hands of a few.

President Sata said Zimbabwe’s economy could perform much better without the illegal sanctions.
He made the remarks during a tour of Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited.

“Zimbabwe is surviving under harsh conditions because of sanctions. If there were no sanctions, they (Dairibord) would do very much better than this.”

The Zambian leader, who was elected into office in September last year, said entrepreneurs in his country had a lot to learn from Dairibord.
“We need to get some of those people to come and see how their friends are doing here,” he said.

He pledged to create business for Dairibord in Zambia.

President Sata was in a jovial mood and cracked jokes throughout his tour.

Source: The Herald Newspaper 

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