Kabimba Asks for Patience from Voters

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba says those that feel the PF is highly indebted to them should be patient because the majority of Zambians have not yet experienced the benefits of the party’s victory.

“Our people have not yet seen the benefits of the victory of the Patriotic Front. We are yet to put in place programmes that are going to address the unemployment of our youths and our women folk who are in the majority and the owners of that revolution. So surely they deserve to be the first ones to complain. That’s my position as party secretary general.”

Kabimba said that putting party priorities before those of the majority Zambians was what led to the fall of the MMD.

“This is what killed the MMD; people were not committed to the organisation but the benefits that they could derive. We should be committed to the values of ensuring that PF continues to grow. The supporters of PF must look at the victory of the PF in 2011 as a beginning of a long journey to serve the majority of the Zambian people,” Kabimba said.

Source: The Post

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