Zambia Will Not Backtrack on Foreign Investment – VP Guy Scott

Vice President Dr Guy Scott says the PF was at risk of being kicked out of government if the party fails to deliver on its campaign promises.

During a business luncheon hosted by the Commonwealth Business Council, Reuters Foundation and the Zambian High Commission at the Royal Automobile Club in London on Friday, Vice-President Dr Scott said government was in a hurry and committed to developing the country.

He re-emphasised the need for government to create jobs for many thousands Zambians who every year graduate from institutions of higher learning and trades centres.

The Vice-President told the guests that government had provided an investment friendly environment since coming to power following the 2011 general elections.

“We need to rebrand ourselves, but for certain there is no risk of us back-tracking on the free market economy policy,” he told the business community. “We are little known such that anyone (referring to Fitch Credit Rating) who writes something about us, people will believe.”

Vice-President Dr Scott blamed technological advancement for the shrinking employment opportunities, saying jobs which would ordinarily be done by many people, were now done by machinery.

He told the British business community on Friday that Zambia offered some of the best opportunities for investment in Africa.

Source: The Post 

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