On May Day, President Sata Promises to Review Minimum Wage

President Michael Sata has announced that the government shall begin reviewing Statutory Instruments on minimum wages and conditions of employment, coinciding with Labour Day commemoration today.

He said despite the country recording positive economic growth, levels of unemployment have consistently remained high, and that his government needed to develop and implement appropriate strategies and programmes that would facilitate employment creation.

“As we celebrate this year’s Labour Day, it is important to recognise that over the past decade, the country has continued to register positive economic growth.

However, despite the positive growth, unemployment remains high in the country. There is, therefore, urgent need to develop and implement appropriate strategies and programmes that will facilitate employment creation,” he said.

President Sata assured that his government would turn around the scenario to ensure that the country’s economic growth leads to job creation.

“In this regard, the main focus of the PF government is to ensure that economic growth translates into increased job opportunities,” he said.

And President Sata said the review of the Statutory Instruments on minimum wage and conditions of service was intended to improve conditions for low income earning employees that include domestic workers, shop keepers, among others, whose conditions of service were not regulated through the process of collective bargaining.

President Sata said the government would review and amend labour related legislations to ensure workers’ rights were safeguarded.

He said trade unions should make suggestions on the workers plight to the minister responsible.

“Instead of criticising, approach the minister, give him your suggestions.

Don’t wait because if you don’t approach him, we will go ahead we will not for you,” President Sata said.

First Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Chief Justice Ernest Sakala, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini, Lusaka mayor Daniel Chisenga, former Zambia Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) president Newstead Zimba, Cabinet ministers and foreign diplomats attended the event.

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