Barotseland Youth League Issues Call to Independence

The Barotse Youth League has issued a strongly worded statement warning President Michael Sata to stop thinking that he has control over Barotseland.

The youths have also declared that Barotseland is a different and separate nation from Zambia.

In a letter sent to first Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda dated May 7, 2012, signed by representatives Sikwebele Wasilota, Masiyaleti Masiyaleti, Yetambuyu Anakoka, Sibanda Sibandi, Boris Muziba Muziba, Nayoto Mwenda, Brian Munalula Simata, Munalula Munalula, and Muyunda Ikacana, the Youth League demanded that these individual advise President Sata to remove paramilitary police and army personnel stationed in Barotseland.

“Barotseland is a different and separate nation from Zambia and Mr Sata should stop thinking that he has control over Barotseland … If he is still thinking in those lines, too bad for him because that is wishful thinking. This is timely advice because very soon repatriation and reparation processes shall begin, that’s when you Zambians shall feel the pinch of sharing resources and you shall remember the resources you are now spending in the upkeep of these police and army officers deployed in Barotseland,” reads the letter.

The youths also blamed Dr Kaunda for the abrogation of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

“We politely and humbly urge and advise the Zambian government and reality that Barotseland is no longer part of Zambia. You know too well deep down your heart that you (Dr Kaunda) are the one who brought this mess on the Zambian people and you and your colleagues or comrades in Zambia have no choice but to swallow the bitter pill of separating from Barotseland, the land of honey and milk. Enough is enough. We have been insulted, tortured, killed and maliciously prosecuted by the Zambian government for the past 47 years.”

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