Zambia Inks $355m Millennium Challenge Goal

Zambia today signed a US$355 million (about K1.8 trillion) compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) for the improvement of water, sanitation and drainage systems in Lusaka.

Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda signed on behalf of the Zambian government while Daniel Johannes signed on behalf of the MCC.

The compact is expected to improve the lives of about 1 million people in Lusaka through the provision of improved water reticulation system and Alleviation of water borne diseases.

Gracing the occasion in Lusaka today, Republican Vice President Guy Scott paid tribute to the American government stating that the compact will greatly contribute to the economy of the country by improving the lives of people.

Dr. Scott said the Patriotic Front government was committed to providing basic necessities for the majority Zambians.

And Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda said the compact is the highest in the water and drainage systems since the country’s Independence.

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