Zambia Bans Maize and Wheat Exports

The government has banned the export of maize and wheat bran in a move aimed at protecting the local livestock sector.

Announcing the ban today, agriculture minister Emmanuel Chenda stated that the suspension on the export was with immediate effect.

Chenda added that the move was also in accordance with the Zambian laws under the control of goods.

“The ministry has observed with concern that livestock farmers are facing difficulties to acquire maize bran and wheat bran for livestock production because substantial amounts of the maize bran and wheat bran is being bought for export purposes,” Chenda stated. “This situation is negatively affecting livestock production in the country as it is creating an artificial shortage, thereby increasing the cost of maize and wheat bran, which in turn will lead to increases in the cost of livestock production and the price of livestock.”

Chenda further stated that all agricultural export permits already issued for maize and wheat bran have become invalid.

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