Reforming Zambia’s Agricultural Sector

International Monetary Fund African department deputy director, Sean Nolan says Zambia needs reforms to lay the basis for pro-poor agricultural sector development to address the skill mismatch and to facilitate formal sector employment growth.

Nolan said this during the recently held International Conference on employment held at the Government Complex.  “Zambia had achieved significant economic success over the past decade as measured by the Gross Domestic Product growth and other macroeconomic indicators,” he said.

However, the record of converting output growth into poverty reduction and expansion of formal employment had been mixed.

Nolan said the national poverty rates still stood at about 63 per cent, while the share of the labour force engaged in low productivity subsistence activities might be growing.

And International Labour Organisation country director for Zambia Martin Clemensson said unemployment had grown across the country since the onset of the global financial crisis and estimated the rise in unemployment world-wide to be at 30 million since 2007.

He said there was need to incorporate employment creation into the formulation of macroeconomic policies to improve employment outcomes.

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