Kavindele Says Zambia Losing Jobs to Chinese Workers

Following a business summit held today between Vice President Guy Scott and a representative of China’s Communist Party’s foreign development office, the opposition has come forward to criticize the Patriotic Front government for taking away jobs from Zambians to hand over to Chinese migrant workers.

Former vice-president Enoch Kavindele says the huge number of Chinese labourers migrating into Zambia is a major source of unemployment in Zambia.

Kavindele says the PF government is allowing Chinese investors to bring in labourers from China at the expense of unemployed Zambians.  “While the investment from China and expertise was welcome in Zambia, the huge number of workers accompanying the investments was worrying,” he said.

When Europeans or American investors move into Zambia, they bring about 10 workers from countries of origin but that the Chinese bring 300 for any small investment, Kavindele claims, stating that this high level of migrant workers subtracts from the opportunities that would have been available to Zambians.

Kavindele said he fully agreed with Guy Scott’s remarks that the PF should be voted out at the next elections if they fail to create jobs for young people.

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