Daily Mail Journalists Grilled by Investigators

The joint investigative wings of the government have continued to interview journalists from the publicly owned Zambia Daily Mail in a bid to crack down on journalists who are perceived to sympathize with the opposition.

The Patriotic Front government reportedly is seeking to remove journalists from state media outlets who were behind the establishment of two publications, ‘The Zambian’ and ‘Stand Up for Zambia,’ which were critical of the president’s policies.

The number of journalists interviewed from the Daily has now risen to five and retired deputy managing director Davis Mataka is the next major target.

The latest journalists who were summoned and interviewed at the taskforce on corruption are Doreen Nawa Chilumbu and Diana Mutakafimbo.

Others who were interviewed are Chief sub editor Chapadongo Lungu, his deputy Musonda Chomba and Doris Kasote. Kasote is the assistant Features editor.

Chilumbu and Mutakafimbo are junior reporters at the Zambia Daily Mail. The reporters spent over four hours under detention during the interrogations. Recently, the taskforce moved into the Zambia Daily Mail offices to search for information regarding the Zambian and Stand Up for Zambia.

When contacted, Chilumbu and Mutakafimbo could not comment on the matter.

But the Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has said the probe is meant to intimidate journalists in the public media.

SACCORD Information Officer Obby Chibuluma has said interviewing journalists by state agents has instilled fear among reporters who are now fearing for their jobs.

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