Ruling Party Dodges Blame over Fuel Shortages

Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Christopher Yaluma says Government has devised interim measures to sustain fuel supply and end the petrol shortage experienced in some parts of the country, over the past few days.

Indeni is currently being fed with crude stocks by the 12-inch pipeline while the shut down eight-inch pipeline is being repaired.

Yaluma said it was not right to blame government over the fuel shortage when stocks were readily available waiting for Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to transport fuel to various destinations

“Tazama has sufficient fuel stocks for distribution to all parts of the country. The delays by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to transport fuel to various destinations are what is causing temporary shortages in some parts of the country.

Yaluma said a new consignment of crude stock is soon scheduled to arrive in Tanzania to beef up the current stocks.

The minister said Government will however, ask OMCs other than those specifically assigned to respective towns, to help distribute fuel countrywide to avoid any further shortage.

Mr Yaluma said the Tazama pipelines are old and easily develop leakages, causing disruptions in the pumping of crude stocks.

“Fuel will be available and we want the Zambian people to understand that. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused to Zambians and all the people using petroleum products, which were in short supply,” he said.

Frustrations among citizens have been growing since the shortages began.

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