Excessive Bureaucracy Worries VP Guy Scott

Vice-President Dr Guy Scott says the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) need cleansing and panel beating.

Vice-President Scott’s comments come in the wake of revelations by the provincial administration in Muchinga Province that funds for various works for the province were readily available but that the bureaucracy surrounding the procurement process was hampering implementation.

Vice-President Scott observed that there was a lot of foot dragging which was going on in the two institutions.

“The institutions like Road Development Agency, like Zambia Public Procurement Authority and so forth, don’t seem to be up and carrying on working. There seems to be a lot of foot dragging going on inside these institutions and I think they need cleansing. They need panel beating because the money is there. Muchinga Province has not been deprived of money, what it has been deprived of is the administrative get up and go. We don’t want to open the door to corruption…to single sourcing but at the same time we want to make the system work, that’s the challenge that we have,” Vice-President Scott said.

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