HH Not Arrested as Feared, but Warned and Cautioned

Following a demand that leading opposition politician Hakainde Hichilema be placed under arrest by the Minister of Defense, today police in Lusaka have recorded a warn and caution statement from UPND leader for defamation of the President in a matter where he likened President Michael Sata to “a Chimbwi” (hyena) with no plan.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela told journalists that a warn and caution statement was also recorded from him for publication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the public.

“We have recorded a warn and caution statement from the UPND leader in connection with the following: defamation of the president centrally to section 69 of the penal code CAP 87 of the laws of Zambia. The statement is contentious of the presidency by likening him to a Chimbwi (hyena) with no plan in his governance of the republic of Zambia,” she stated.

But Hichilema said the move is a sign that the leadership of the country had collapsed.

Hichilema reported himself at the police headquarters around 14:20 hours in the company of other opposition leaders that included ADD president Charles Milupi, Gabriel Namulambe, Mwansa Mbulakulima of MMD and his lawyers.

He was then escorted to the boardroom where he sat on his personal camp chair  which he brought along as he was being interrogated.

About five plain clothed police officers welcomed Hichilema and conducted a private interview with him.

After about two hours of questioning, Hichilema told journalists that he expected police officers handling his case to act professionally.

“Everything is okay, the interview went well, if they act professionally and without interference from other politicians wanting to fix other politicians, then there is nothing to fear.

Ealier Hichilema said the leadership of the country had collapsed.

When asked if he was not worried of being arrested, Hichilema said “There is nothing to fear, I expect anything to happen and we have come prepared. This is what happens when the leadership of a country has collapsed.”

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