Cool Down, Opposition Leader Ask Zambia President

Former Zambian vice-president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda says President Sata should cool down his tempers.

Brig Gen Miyanda, the opposition Heritage Party president that joined other Zambians in condemning Sata’s interference in the judiciary to save political allies Fred M’membe (Post editor) and director of public prosecutions Mutembo Nchito, has urged the head of state to take the initiative and dialogue with leaders outside government.

Miyanda says President Sata should not look at everyone who is not PF as an enemy.
“It is now almost eight-nine months [beyond 90 days] and he has not called anybody. Some of us are available to tell him where he has gone wrong and what he is has right,” the respected opposition leader said.

President Sata’s government recently unleashed police who violently crashed a peaceful demonstration by unarmed UPND cadres who were protesting against interference in the judiciary following the suspension of three judges.

The head of state yesterday made a dramatic announcement by removing Chief Justice Ernest Sakala with his relative Lombe Chibesakunda while Acting Deputy Chief Justice Dennis Chirwa has been removed by justice Florence Mumba.

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