Women Are a Welcome Change to the Judiciary, Says NGO

The appointment of female justices Lombe Chibesakunda and Florence Mumba as acting Chief Justice and acting Deputy Chief Justice, respectively, will bring order in the Judiciary, says NGOCC chairperson Beatrice Grillo.

President Michael Sata yesterday appointed, with immediate effect, justices Chibesakunda and Mumba to replace justices Ernest Sakala and Dennis Chirwa who have gone on leave awaiting the expiry of their contracts and retirement.

In welcoming the appointments, Grillo said the women movement was “very excited with the news” as it was coming at the time of judicial reforms.

“We welcome the move, it is a very progressive move. These women will bring the order that is required in the judiciary. This is really affirmative action,” she said, adding “We are looking forward to working with them and ensure there is justice in the country.”

Grillo said justices Chibesakunda and Mumba were women of integrity that the NGOCC believed would perform to expected standards.

“These are challenging positions but they will do it. They are women of integrity and we have so much trust in them. They won’t let us down. While the men are fighting [in the judiciary], we need women to bring order in the Judiciary,” said Grillo.

Source: The Post Newspaper

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