Vice President Scott Assails Mining Companies over Corporate Social Responsibility

Vice-President Dr Guy Scott has urged mining firms to enhance their social responsibility by investing into the communities they operate in.

Speaking at the 2nd Zambia international mining and energy conference in Lusaka yesterday, Vice-President Scott said it was important for the government and the mining companies to co-exist to improve the lives of the people especially on the Copperbelt where previous mine owners worked with the communities in providing various social amenities to the local people.

He noted that despite the number of mining firms on the Copperbelt, there had been little social responsibility shown towards reinvesting in the communities mining firms operate in.

Vice-President Scott bemoaned the rate at which infrastructure had rundown, citing the road network which had become an eyesore while recreation had become none existent.

“If you look at the Copperbelt it is an eyesore and roads are full of portholes unlike the way it was during the colonial times when companies like Roan Selection Trust existed,” he said. “The mining industry in those days was very much part of the Zambian society. My concern about the mining industry and the energy industry for that matter is that they become domesticated, they become part of Zambia’s life, part of Zambia’s social life. If you look around in the Copperbelt even today it looks like one big ghost town in most places.”

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