Defense Minister Mwamba Accused of Vote Buying

According to a report in The Post Newspaper, Muchinga Constituency parliamentary candidate Howard Kunda of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party of telling the voters in the area that Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba will buy their maize at K70,000 instead of the K65,000 floor price.

In an interview, Kunda said his party had since reported the matter to the conflict management committee for resolution.

“We have even taken note of the distribution of maize and also the grading of the roads and we have gone to the conflict management. They are telling people that Ba GBM [Mwamba] would buy maize at K70,000, that is corruption,” Kunda said.

Kunda’s campaign manager, Allan Malama also accused the PF of planning to use underhand tactics in their campaigns.

“We are aware that they are saying after they have tested the ground, they are promising violence. They want to threaten the voters. They want to use underhand tactics, like what they did in Msanzala, but it will not work here,” Malama said.

Malama also wondered why the government had restricted the distribution of relief maize to Muchinga Constituency only and not other constituencies.

Defense Minister Mwamba’s name has been mentioned in a number of scandals this year, including several large no-bid contracts given to companies he owns to supply food and materials to the military.

Source: The Post Newspaper

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