Post Owner M’membe is PF Executive Branch Member, says Amsterdam

International human rights lawyer Robert Amsterdam says Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe is part of the PF secret executive branch pretending to fight corruption in Zambia.

Amsterdam, who is representing former president Rupiah Banda and his son Henry, accused M’membe – a self-confessed ally of President Michael Sata – of influencing government decisions with a predetermined personal agenda.

The UK-based lawyer accredited in Canada and England is barred from even visiting Zambia said on Crossfire Blog Radio that M’membe had made himself into the Rupert Murdoch.

M’membe’s business activities are at a centre of a judicial row that has claimed the suspension of three judges and a premature exit of the Chief Justice Ernest Sakala and Acting Deputy Chief Justice Dennis Chirwa.

Amsterdam said there were a lot of problems and corrupt activities under the current PF administration which had gone unchecked.

He said inside dealing allegedly perpetrated by senior PF officials as Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, cases of nepotism and judicial interference were now rife in the governance structures in Zambia.

Amsterdam urged Zambians not believe the PF anti-corruption campaign as it was premised on deceiving the majority into thinking it was genuine when it was veiled in pretence campaign.

He said President Sata was not the best person to lead an effective anti-corruption drive as his past activities in politics prove otherwise.

“Don’t believe the PF corruption campaign. He didn’t get that King Cobra nickname from regular Sunday school attendance,” said Amsterdam who went on to describe former president Rupiah Banda as a “superb individual.”

Amsterdam said there had been no progress regarding the bogus corruption charges prepared against his clients because the government had nothing to present before court.

He said The Post Newspaper had been hired by the PF to create an atmosphere that will subject his clients to vilification by members of the public.

Amsterdam charged that the current director of public prosecution Mutembo Nchito was not fit to hold his office as he had displayed a personal agenda to persecute the Banda family.

He said the PF should hire a prosecutor with integrity if the office of the DPP was to retain some level of dignity it had lost since the change of government in September 2011.

“It does not take one to have a legal degree to understand that there is no credibility in what is happening in Zambia,” he said.

“I will be foolish to go to defend myself if there is no guarantee of a fair trial. It’s only worse to offer my client [to the Zambian judicial system in its current form].”

Asked if he would ever represent the PF in an event it fell on the other side of circumstances, Amsterdam responded; “I am sorry, I have no appetite to represent the PF ever in future for what they are doing to my clients.”

Amsterdam recently wrote the PF chief propagandist Fred M’membe highlighting pertinent issues bordering on professionalism which he cowardly did not respond to.
“I undertook to write to him [on several issues] which he has no courage to publish,” he said.

Amsterdam hopes the international community would take keen interest of activities in Zambia in order to promote human rights.


  1. Boka Maybin on Facebook

    WHAT IS WRONG OF ANYBODY JOINING ANY BRANCH? Amsterdam mind your own country you are not God,fuuuck you homy.

  2. Yoram Chipili on Facebook

    No wanda mmd was ruf on him ruma has it that even muv tv ona which media is gona be neutral

  3. Yoram Chipili on Facebook

    No wanda mmd was ruf on him ruma has it that even muv tv ona which media is gona be neutral

  4. Lameck Munalula on Facebook

    Boka M. truth surely hurts huh!!! imagine the trust pipo had in FM only to expose his thingz now!!! well played FM, thumbs down!!!

  5. The vulture is a patient bird

    One blogger defended M’membe by saying he has done better things for zambia than all the zambianwatchdog bloggers. True or false, this does not give him the freedom to steal from us. The K14 billion should be paid back, not even Sata will manage to protect him. You can change the judges to your preferred puppet judges and blow up whisles in the Post, you will never succeed. We need our money, we are the tax payers.

  6. Mwaaba Ackson Chiyombwe on Facebook

    Fred has nerves of steel and i frankly admire him..that paper is his..i was going to have a problem if it was daily mail or Times..got nothing else to think or write about???

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  8. RB


  9. Shaks

    spot on lawyer. M’membe is the worst individual Zambia has ever had,but his time will catch up soon. not all days are mondays!!

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