Veep Scott Confirms Spat in PF Leadership

Ceremonial Vice-President Guy Scott on Friday confirmed the “silent” but deepening differences in the PF leadership when he refused to accept he was Zambian President Michael Sata’s chola boy.

Scott has recently opposed his boss Sata’s interference in the judiciary which aims to save the business interest of his political allies Fred M’membe and director of public prosecutions Mutembo Nchito.

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, who is the defacto number two to President Sata but does not hold an official government position, said the vice-president was a chola boy, literally translated as a bag carrier or what Zambians refer to as “a yes bwana”.

Kabimba’s comments were made public when he commented on the presidential running mate which is subject for inclusion in the on-going constitution review process.

Although Kabimba and Scott are opposing the inclusion of the clause, the Vice-President has however disputed that his basis to oppose the running mate provision was because of the chola boy tag.

Scott on Friday promised Zambians that they assess whether he was a chola boy or not based on his performance in the government.

The government owned and PF controlled Zambia Daily Mail quoted Scott in its Saturday edition saying Zambians should assess his performance and determine whether he was a chola boy to the President after he leaves office.

Dr Scott said as far as he is concerned, a chola boy is an individual who carries a bag for another individual.

The Vice-President was responding to a question from Chadiza member of Parliament (MP) Allan Mbewe (MMD) during the Vice-President’s question time.

Mr Mbewe wanted to know Dr Scott’s position following a statement by Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba that a Vice-President is a chola boy of the President and should thus not be a running-mate with constitutional powers.

“So I will leave it to Zambians to judge at the end of my service. They should rate me depending on how I will perform,” he said.

There is growing dissent within the PF top leadership on the manner in which President Sata is making some decisions on behalf of the government and Scott, according to sources, is among the officials that is critical of his leader.

This has partly led to Scott being sidelined from effectively playing a role in major decisions whether Sata is in the country or not. Sata, who shares a distant relationship with finance minister Alexander Chikwanda and defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, opts for the two to act in his absence, as he is more comfortable with them.

However, Chikwanda is being singled out by party functionaries led by Kabimba to be siding with Scott and that is why the duo have publicly not fully supported the suspension of judges.


  1. zuze

    confirmation of chimbwi no plan government.

    • chowa nsofwa

      lets respect each other if a hyena has no plan you don’t know it survives muleke ukusamwa

  2. real zambian

    Illiterate headline confirms this website is just a copy of the Watchdog. Accept HH has lost



  4. Mwinemushi

    Citizens of Zambia, this my colleagues is the beginning of the end of sata and his bwinjifumu cabal. The central committee in pf is in shambles no high decision making body within this CNP party. That’s why some PF leaders choose the anonymous route to air their dissatisfaction with their naked emperor.

    Early elections are inevitable. Watch and pray as pf cracks and collapses further

  5. upnd

    Sorry Watchdog and UPND who do you think you are fooling? Your tacticts will not work, Sata has now started delivering and soon even your own brothers and sisters wil start laughing at you and your no clear plan/strategy mayopic leaders and writers.

  6. Tonga Bastard

    HH dogs, just keep barking fools

  7. Simon Mfula on Facebook

    Talkless of ceremonial VP, we should quickly remove targeted laws which MMD made to bar Dr Kaunda but still afects even the innocents like brtiliant Scott and others like Bauleni Dipak Patel. Zayelos etc

  8. Anaconda


  9. JCB

    Shame! what has the big man delivered? Am I in dreamland? Careless praise brought down KK. Ba Chilufya please go flat out…the truth is we are waiting and have started slowly losing patience and hope. I personally know u can make it.Double up!

  10. Ngwiza Ndhlovu on Facebook

    u r spot on mfula.lubinda for president

  11. Ngwiza Ndhlovu on Facebook

    u r spot on mfula.lubinda for president

  12. Ngwiza Ndhlovu on Facebook

    u r spot on mfula.lubinda for president

  13. Mister Manda

    Some people really smoke too much weed. Who told you that if PF “collapses” there will be early elections??? You UPND guys are dreaming, it doesn’t matter what happens to PF, the next election is 2016! 2016! 2016! Just try to understand facts people, you cannot change them by your imagination

  14. Shaks

    KK wamuyayaya ‘s heavy failing was as a result of false praises froms people who only wanted to please a few. i see the same with sata. only a few (mostly bembas flock to state house) to seek for appointments in forieign and govnmt institutions) but me as a non bemba man how can i be allowed at state house? mr preseident please give eqaul oppotunities to all zambians. remember even birds can hear and see how segregativ your govnment is. you won and congrats so please dont blame HH or anyone for ur fauliurs.

  15. taliban

    hehehehe..chola boys..your time is up..am not sure why pf can’t relieve u of your duties..such an embarrassment..

  16. charles

    Do you thay Hungry Hyna (HH) lost the 2011 elections……….

  17. Truth

    It is not fair. God lifts and brings down. Remember power corrupts. PF is doing fine so far. No one can perform any miracle for Zambia to develop over night.

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