Guest Opinion: The Treachery of Edith Nawakwi

The following opinion article was contributed to Zambia Reports by Mr. G. Usenga.

Edith Nawakwi has really emerged as a real surprise in this nation and the entire world of politics. In The Post newspaper, 23/06/2012, Nawakwi described Hakainda Hichilema, the UPND president as unstable politician who doesn’t deserve her attention.

On the contrary, Nawakwi, the opposition political party, FDD, is the one who is not a serious character and has exhibited serious lapses in political seriousness despite staying longer in politics than HH.Nawakwi calls herself a mature politician aiming at being the head of state of this country. Is this the reason why she seems so blind about the ills and some evils being perpetrated by the current regime?

Is it her maturity which has made her help Mr. Sata to be financially extravagant at the expense of the tax-payers? It is an open fact that Nawakwi and Chipimo are clear liabilities in the Brazil trip, but the much needed cash which could have been channeled towards some water reticulation in many townships of Lusaka, has instead been used to transport Nawakwi and Chipimo to Brazil for shopping and tourism. Tax payers must dig deeper in their pockets to keep Nawakwi all the days in Brazil while waiting for the president to finish the meeting. Nawakwi is abusing the resources of this country as she knows that her presence in Brazil isn’t required. Where is Nawakwi’s seriousness in politics and the welfare of the people if she can allow Mr. Sata to divert the tax-payer’s hard earned money to be used for her expenses? If Nawakwi was a serious politician, she should have refused; especially that she knew that she is a professional liability in the Brazil trip. So I can see why Nawakwi and Chipimo seem to be comfortable with several political mishaps of the president.

I am sure it her maturity that prompted Nawakwi to keep quiet over Sata’s maneuvers to crookedly allow his political allies bag 14 billion kwacha which if paid back can do a lot for Zambian people.

Is it her maturity that made Nawakwi keep quiet when Minister of Finance, Chikwanda was corruptly awarded a contract to renovate state house without following the tender procedures? Nawakwi isn’t deaf and dumb, but saw nothing wrong in this corrupt affair hence kept quite as she knew Sata was buying her the air ticket to Brazil for shopping.

Is it her maturity which made her keep quiet when the PF government was proudly announcing and replacing the skilled and professional labour from several parastatals and civil service with cadres.Didnt Nawakwi hear how Sata when in opposition condemned cadres in the public sector, only to hear him joyfully, with support from the Post newspaper, redefine who a cadre is.This is done to flood these cadres in the public sector.

Is it her maturity which made her keep quiet when Sata senselessly donated 5million litres of fuel to Malawi when we lacked the commodity.

Is it her maturity that deafens her from hearing how PF secretary general Kabimba announced the formation of a company in which he is a director to supply oil to Zambia? Her maturity makes her so dull as to see this level of corruption? May be she is part of the scam.

Is it her maturity in political chameleonism that makes her keep quiet when Ivory mysteriously disappeared from the ZAWA offices. When the journalists who try to make follow ups on this crime syndicate, the police detain and torture them and their cameras were comfinscated.Nawakwi sees nothing wrong in this and in fact she knows the some of his close allies are involved.

Nawakwi’s maturity is surely a unique type which makes her stop providing any checks and balances to the government but instead she is dining and acting with them. This has made Nawakwi so blind to the suffering of people, and so can’t see the tears of a poverty stricken Zambian child crying for the money Sata spent on maintaining Nawakwi in Brazil.

Nawakwi is no longer providing checks and balances as an opposition leader, but presenting herself openly so that Sata is the one to provide her cheques and cash balances. In fact I should say, Nawakwi is a traitor to the people of Zambia as she has sold off her responsibility as an opposition leader of providing checks and balances to the government, for cheques and balances.

Yes I also feel pity for HH, because he is almost alone providing genuine checks and balances. He is the only politician in opposition identifying and stating the wrongs of the government. I feel bad for HH,as he is the only opposition leader who can courageously point out corruption among the Pf cadres in oil deals while Nawakwi goes on being oiled by receiving cheques and balances from the government. With a cheque in her hands, Nawakwi keeps quite-it’s don’t Kubeba.

Her maturity has made her gullible and cheap that is why her party is purely a representation of democracy but moving into extinction like dinosaurs.
Nawakwi would want by all means move to state house even if it calls for her to keep quite over the suffering of the people. She would rather keep mum as long someone continues taking her out to such trips.

It is true that being in the opposition doesn’t mean opposing all the time. But it also doesn’t mean agreeing all the time even when wrong things are taking place. How can one be an effective opposition leader if she/he is dinning with the government? This doesn’t make sense. Nawakwi is expected to be checking the government but moving with them too close blinds her up to see the ills being perpetrated.

Frankly speaking, opposition leaders of Nawakwi’s style of politicking are very few.

Did you ever see Mr. Sata while in opposition flying together with some government officials? Couldn’t it have been strange to have seen Barrack Obama fly together with George Bush while in opposition? What about the new French president, Hollande with Sarkozy, did you ever see them flying together in the name of democracy?

Does it mean all these leaders are immature and didn’t know true democracy? What type of democracy is Nawakwi bringing in?

Mr. Sata continuously and both senselessly and sensibly opposed without being co-opted in some RB’s or Mwanawasa’s trips within and outside the country till today he is the president who feels nothing wrong in wasting tax payers money on opposition-liability Nawakwi? Does it mean Mr. Sata, Nawakwi’s pay-master was immature for not compromising with the state when in opposition? I remember when Sata and Mwanawasa reconciled, some Catholic Church leaders using different platforms which included their Magazine, Ichengelo, condemned Sata and called it compromise. They even called Sata truly mad person in the same Bemba magazine.

But these financial seekers (Nawakwi and Chipimo) can’t discern the motive behind the move? They must know that Sata is on the verge of ruthlessly finishing off the opposition and build himself a one party state like his mentor-KK.

Finally, I urge HH to continue opposing and publicizing the ills of the PF government. Please oppose endlessly and senselessly especially all the hidden crooked schemes which Nawakwi’s maturity blinds her from seeing them, are uncovered. We are behind you HH all the time as you continue providing checks and balances to this government which has not yet unveiled any economic plans for this nation.

No matter what the Post Newspaper talk about, good or bad go on HH, go on indomitably. They think you can never be the president, but they are not God. Even if they might be very prayerful, they haven’t acquired the status of gods, so don’t be intimidated. In fact they are initiators and paddlers of these ills being orchestrated by the PF government. Thus; they are against anyone talking about their evil moves. While other people like Nawakwi see such characters as theirs god and savior, because they provide cheques and financial balances to her, but we see them the way they really are, human, who have made serious economic and political mishaps and still capable of making even more and need to be continuously panel-beaten for the sake of Zambian people. Where is Nevers Mumba, the MMD president, to come and assist each other with HH in checking these guys including Nawakwi and Chipimo?

Nawakwi is a shame and she is a political liability who thinks her level and caliber of so called maturity will push her to state house. She thinks by flying around with the president, and reducing herself to a PF cadre will buy herself a ticket to the state house. Zambians are watching quietly and loudly. Pray hard that things don’t move from bad to worse, otherwise you will be politically dead.

Eat well with them, but time is coming when we will settle things in the ballot box and we will see your maturity in this box.

Please fellow beloved Zambians don’t ever be cheated that this action of fusing opposition leaders in the government main stream will promote democracy. Are you sure democracy will be stronger in Zambia if all the opposition political party leaders are co-opted in the ruling party? Why should the opposition leaders become very close to the government officials and expect to offer any meaningful checks?

All those political opposition leaders who think true democracy is nicely realized by closely befriending the government officials are surely mistaken because there is no such a politician who has made meaningful progress in providing checks and balances.

Such charlatan-type of politicians like Nawakwi who think can control Sata when they are quiet and form close links with him are day light traitors and in fact even the government official know that this level of opposition is fake and useless. With this type of politics, Nawakwi’s attention is not necessary, that is, if she has. If she has any attention, then it is on Sata and not the many poor Zambians.


The author, G. Usenga, is non-partisan Zambian but concerned with some political developments that can subtract the happiness from and add miseries to innocent Zambia. THE GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED IN PREDATORY POLITICS…WHICH STANDS FOR THIS…. “TO WEAKEN OPPOSITION, BEFRIEND THEM; KICK THEM OUT, THEN RULE AND DO ANYTHING WRONG WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE.”

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