‘Clueless’ Sata Makes Another Clown of Himself in UK

A clueless President Michael Sata yet again made another clown of himself during a dinner with Zambians based in the United Kingdom.

A Youtube video posted online shows the deplorable levels of President Sata’s both intellect and diplomacy in addressing issues affecting the country.

Most disappointing President Sata failed to answer questions from Zambians residents in the UK and threw them to his ministers with his commerce representative Bob Sichinga and his tourism counterpart Given Lubinda attempting to save the disgraceful head of state some face.

To display his appalling levels of ignorance when he attempted to come out intelligent on an issue he clearly did not understand, President Sata confused the principles of the Law of Contract to when responding to an isolated case of acquiring property in Zambia.

After Sichinga’s remarks on how Zambia’s abroad can acquire land, Sata’s moment of embarrassment emerged when he said; “Let me simplify [Sichinga’s explanation], having once dealt with property, in property there is offer and acceptance. The people who are here can’t afford a deposit.

“The law of property which we are using in Zambia is derived from the law of property of 1926 of England.

“So, there is offer and acceptance but first of all find something which you can survive on because some of you are surviving on social security,”

That was not the only part of the drama. Sata engaged in several arguments with the Zambians based in London who attended the dinner one of which included an exchange of words with a philosopher.

When a Dr Musanide took the microphone and introduced himself by his profession, Sata asked; “Doctor of what?”
“I am a philosopher,” he responded before Sata said, “then you are not a Doctor.”

When Dr Musanide proceeded to ask a question about UNZA and closures, Sata interjected saying;
“Normally, doctors are supposed to be more sincere than lying. I don’t remember since we came in power when Unza was closed.”

Unza is currently facing a crisis after lecturers refused to release semester and end of year results prompting a mini-riot on Tuesday as senate has closed the institution indefinitely.

Sata again engaged into another argument with a Zambian who wanted to know about dual nationality.

He compared the admitting of the provision of dual nationality in the Zambian Constitution to Christian being both Catholic and Pentecostal.

When he was taken to task by the Zambian on the floor who took the head of state through other constitutional commissions such as the Mvunga, Mwanakatwe, CRC, NCC and the current technical committee all of which had included the dual nationality provision in their drafts, Sata wondered whether UK had the same provision of dual nationality.

When the audience guided an extremely clueless Sata on the matter, he concluded that he was taking into consideration the rights of villagers for not accepting that Zambian should have dual nationalities.

In another bizarre instance, first secretary for press at the Zambian High Commissioner Amos Chanda was audibly shouting down a person who wanted to ask Sata a question.

“Excuse me… there is a president over there. You can’t be shouting,” Chanda, who was also masters of ceremony at the event, said.

However, he was overruled by Sata who summoned the gentleman to the high table where he engaged in another somewhat awful argument.

The mini-altercation was immediately interrupted by Sata’s press aide George Chellah and some other security personnel who dragged the man Sata had called away from the high table.

The three part video depicts horrible scenes that falls far short of the behaviour of a head of state who also supported the presence of Chinese investment in Zambia.

Sata had widely condemned Chinese investment in the run up to the 2011 elections but has wholeheartedly embraced their investment saying they were the most hardworking people in the world.

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