Sata Reveals Hatred for UPND Founder Mazoka

President Michael has revealed he hated UPND founder Anderson Mazoka.

According to the government owned and PF controlled Times of Zambia, Sata made the revelations at a public rally in Livingstone.

The broadsheet Times of Zambia covered Sata’s shocking revelation into what they claim was a joke but further wrote that when the head of state was MMD national secretary, he hated late UPND leader Anderson Mazoka and others because he thought they were weakening the former ruling party.

Mazoka resigned from the MMD to form UPND which was widely viewed to have won a rigged election in 2001 that brought Levy Mwanawasa on the presidential platform.

Sata was in Livinsgtone campaigning for Thursday’s by-election.

PF is fielding Joseph Akafumba for the Livingstone seat while candidates for the Mosi-o-tunya and Akapelwa wards are Chrispine Sepiso and Chileshe Sikazwe, respectively.

Sata forced the three candidates to kneel down at a rally to beg for votes.

Times of Zambia


  1. Tin tin

    You really like sensationalizing bullshit. Taking everything out of context. SMH!!!

  2. taliban

    no wonder the post likes him..some day he will too die..this tribalist..

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  4. Retired Chief RUPO

    the story lacks substance

  5. Chimbwi With A Plan

    Imwe ba Doggy doggy, you should publish what you have actually covered and not hiding behind lines like ”as reported by the goverment owned and PF controlled Times Of Zambia”

    And so what if Sata hated Mazoka, Mwanawasa or chiluba?? Atleast he is being honest, if at all he actually said that, but knowing your bull…shit reporting, this could just be another one of your known hatred bfor PF, Sata and anything related to the bemba (Kolwestans)

    Get lost imwe ba doggy doggy!!!!

  6. William Mulenga

    Nonsense. Why taking the story out of context?

  7. skid mark

    I pray that God gives me the opportunity to live long enough to piss and spit on this mans grave.

    I probably will shoot a duce there too.

    Then dance a merry jig.

  8. l.musonda

    A useless website based on tribalism. You will never rule Zambia unless you change which is the sameas asking a dog to change its skin.

  9. King Kong

    These online publications are having an impact. Somebody is feeling the heat!!

  10. Long walk to freedom

    Tribalism,Nepotism is being practiced by the president himself,his ministers,remember what sampa called Tongas.The president never denounced him because the guy is a nephew .Kambwili practiced tribalism against Kachimba.GBM and sata told people of Kasama central never to vote for Mugala from Muyombe,Muyombe was within Northern province.The man has worked and lived in Kasama since the 80s.He was once area mgr -Zesco.He has created jobs in Ksama through huge investments.But tribal politics were championed and the people too were tribal because before sata spoke they were condemning the fielding of GBM,because they know him as someone who is derespectiful.Look at the current appointments in govt and foreign mission. I think we have to start divocing our bemba wives and marry our own Tonga,Lozi wives. I’m chasing her but I will give a different reason,Period.This is how far this Bemba tribalism has gone.How dare someone says I only balance brains not tribe,Is that not an insult to other tribes.Tongas have no brains,Lozis have no brains,Lambas have no brains,Lubales,Lundas Kaondes all have no brains. Only Bembas have brains is that true?Some of us live in Lusaka,Copperbelt and if we mobilise based on tribe ca Pf survive?

  11. Scoobydo

    This is a disgrace pliz find yo own staff en publish not a line from other papers.that jst shows how dull the owners are.u guyz will never rule.2001 PF was far from forming gvt.UPND was 2nd.2OO6 PF 2ND UPND 3rd.now PF 1ST Pliz lets admit the site shud concetrat on selling UPND.

  12. Sepo

    “Somebody is feeling the heat” Kekekeke.!

  13. Hungry Hyna

    CNP is very funny.how do you hate a dead man?

  14. VIRGIN Nkote

    This is not a joke! We know this man hates other tribes, but he will surely pay for it with his creator.


    Hating !!…..I have never seen a tribalist at this level, why does God keep this man living?

  16. Bufi

    ZWD is really a dog which does not think

  17. jonkombwetete

    The current regime is more tribal than any other govt ever ruled zambia before.Lets not go to sleep we must speak strongly against it.

  18. peaches

    honestly even in death,wow! he is a force not to reckon with

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