George W. Bush Visits Zambia to Boost Women’s Healthcare

The former U.S. President George W. Bush made a rare visit to Zambia this week where he implored citizens to support women’s healthcare.

Speaking in Kabwe today during the handover of Ngungu Health Centre. which was recently refurbished with his help from his foundation, President Bush said leaders should be moved to act whenever they saw people suffering.

Bush said he was thankful to be involved in a project that would stand the test of time, and that he was thrilled to be back to Zambia and to know that the newly refurbished clinic will give many people a new chance at life.  The clinic will offer cervical and breast cancer screening to local communities, offering an important service in an area of healthcare which is severely under-serviced in Zambia.

“We are putting up a cervical cancer crusade to save lives because every human life is precious,” said Bush.  He said that the commitment to the fight cervical and breast cancer was real and thanked all partners and people that volunteered to make the work possible.

As Bush officially opened the clinic, a woman of Mukobeko township, Ruth Sichali, gave birth to a baby boy at around 10:10 hours.

The baby was named George, and when notified about it, the former president went to see the baby that was named after him.

Bush has since returned to Lusaka from Kabwe where he is tomorrow expected to meet President Michael Sata before he proceeds to Botswana for a private visit.

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