UPND Driver Dies in Livingstone Violence, Journalists Bribed to Conceal Details

An unidentified opposition UPND driver has died after allegedly being strangled by suspected Patriotic Front cadres in the violence that has rocked Livingstone leading to the by-election today.

The violence erupted on the eve of the election with suspected members of the ruling Patriotic Front attacking their UPND counterparts.

When UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema arrived and learnt of the fateful incident yesterday, he told his supporters to use every means to defend themselves from harm.

The UPND leader was particularly distraught that the violence perpetrated by the ruling party was being blamed on his supporters.

“Now they are killing us…there is no one to protect you but yourselves. Use whatever you can to defend yourselves,” Hichilema told UPND supporters when he arrived in Livingstone from Lusaka yesterday.

The opposition leader is also disappointed that journalists covering the by-election were being given over K2 million each to conceal what was happening in Livingstone which was perpetrated by the ruling party.

Journalists stationed in Livingstone from PF aligned Post Newspaper, Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia are reporting that the violence is being perpetrated by the opposition.

The journalists from mainstream media and some from private organizations are under strict instruction to portray some of the PF stage-managed violent acts as the making of the opposition while cash donations have been given to the scribes.

Last week, The Post reported that UPND cadres had attacked mourners whom they mistook for PF supporters.

PF ministers Given Lubinda and Inonge Wina visited the house of the victims and condemned UPND supporters for the violence.

In Muchinga, PF cadres attacked their MMD counterparts five of whom had to receive medical treatment after their leader Michael Sata addressed a rally in the area.

There are three by-elections in Zambia today spread across three provinces in Livingstone (Southern Province), Chama North (Eastern Province) and Muchinga (Central Province).

In Livingstone the opposition UPND has teamed up with the MMD to field Reverend Howard Sikwela while John Akafumba is standing on the ruling PF ticket while in Muchinga the major opposition parties are supporting Howard Kunda with the PF fielding Jeliaty Ntembwe and NAREP having Kenneth Ngosa.

Chama North has Yotam Mtayachalo for MMD while the UPND is fielding Darious Mumba.

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