Sata to Guy Scott: ‘You’re Lucky to Have a Job in Zambia’

President Michael Sata today made another disparaging remark to his ceremonial Vice President Dr Guy Scott, telling him that he should consider himself lucky to have a job in a “foreign country.”

Dr. Scott is often referred to as a “ceremonial” VP due to parentage clauses in the constitution.

Sata made this comment publicly at State House today when he walked past Scott to greet Chieftainess Nkomeshya who went to witness the swearing in ceremony of her beloved subject Sylvia Masebo.

The President asked where the traditional leader was seated and when he saw her sit next to Nkomeshya, Sata said “be careful, you are seating next to a very powerful woman who can overthrow you and take over your job. You can’t be a chief (but she can be vice-president), you cannot even be a chief or leader in your own country England because the people there don’t know you,” Sata said adding, “you must consider yourself lucky to be vice president here.”

A stunned Scott did not respond but looked down the whole time the president was speaking.

These comments from Sata toward Scott build upon some earlier tensions between the two, following Scott’s criticism of the president’s interference in the judiciary with regard to the attempt to forcibly remove three judges in order to prevent his DPP Mutembo Nchito from having to repay a K14 billion debt to a state bank.

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