Lozis Demand Resignation of Tribesmates Serving as PF Ministers

There are growing calls from the separatists of Barotseland demanding the resignation of ministers from their region serving the Patriotic Front government.

Reports gathered confirm that representatives of Barotseland have asked all Lozi ministers at both Cabinet and deputy level to quit their positions.

They claim that President Michael Sata’s government was unrealistic. This follows disparaging remarks President Sata issued recently directed at their respected king the Litunga whom he described as lacking any special powers.

The Barotseland movement has since challenged its Lozi ministers to show maturity by stepping down and are hoping indications that MMD’s Keith Mukata who was appointed deputy for commerce nine months ago was exiting the PF government will serve as a warning.

Meanwhile, veteran politician Sikota Wina is reported to have cancelled his widely publicised press conference due to President Sata’s reported absence from the country.

Sikota, a senior Lozi politician, was expected to reveal his role in the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 at his Mimosa Farm yesterday but the press conference was postponed to an unknown date.

“He wants to reveal the truth to the public with the President around in the country. He said he wants the president to answer back within [a] short time. Mr. Sata knew about it that’s why he has had to run away to UK,” a source close to Sikota said.

President Sata was scheduled to attend the AU Heads of States Summit in Ethiopia this weekend but it is unclear whether he would connect from London to Addis Ababa where he had travelled on a private visit.

“Mr. Sikota wants to hold the press conference when Mr. Sata is around because to him it will be cowardice holding a press without the Head of State,” the source said.

A senior Barotseland leader Induna Imenda Batuke, who met Sikota at his residence on Thursday, has since advised the Marotse to remain calm as they press for self-determination as an independent state from Zambia.

President Sata, as an opposition leader, promised to restore the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 within 90 days of ascending to power but has not respected his word.

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