Nevers Mumba Purges MPs Working for PF Administration

MMD president Nevers Mumba has announced the expulsion of nine of the party members of parliament who are serving ministerial positions in the PF government.

Speaking at a media briefing today, Mumba said all the nine were already considered expelled from the party until they relinquish their positions and re-align themselves with the former ruling party.

He said the MMD had declared a political war against President Sata regardless of the cost.  “Considering the obvious agenda of the PF government to diminish the opposition both in Parliament and outside, the party has decided to fight for democracy,” Mumba said.

“We did not start this war and we don’t want it, but PF has declared war on democracy. Although we don’t like this war, we are ready to fight until we win. We have been provoked; our members have been brutally hunted to belong to the PF government. In view of this assault on democracy, the MMD has decided to protect itself,” he said.  “I wish to announce that our party has decided to invoke the resolution of the PLC [Parliamentary Liaison Committee] which was held immediately after losing the 2011 election, that state: ‘Any MMD member of parliament who accepts a ministerial job from the PF government ceases to be a member of the MMD party and a letter of expulsion shall be sent and the National Assembly shall inform the Speaker accordingly.'”

“Our only tools for survival are discipline and unity. As president, I would rather have 20 disciplined and dedicated MPs than 80 who are not sure where they stand,” Mumba said.

Mumba further stated that the opposition believes that President Michael Sata is determined to eliminate political competition in Zambia and return the country to a one-party state:  “Yesterday I wrote a letter to the President raising deep concern on his adamant desire and attempt to destroy the opposition and create one party-dictatorship. I feel greatly grieved.  The agenda of the President and the PF government has now been exposed as that of wishing to destroy the MMD,” he said.

During the same briefing, Mumba announced that Mwaanga, the former parliamentary chief whip, who will officially resign on August 1, 2012 said he was retiring from NEC and active politics to give chance to the young people within the MMD.

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